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Vietnam Investment and Technology Development Company Limited (VITD Co., Ltd) was established in 2002, headquartered in Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam. We've been doing business in the field of fiber cement for years.

In the wake of asbestos banning world-wide and local awareness raises, VITD collaborated with local factories and reseacher to create a common system of production and supply for non asbestos products together with strict quality control by which clients are convinced.

These products launched under the brand DURAGREEN which VITD is the proprietor.

Our fiber cement roofing sheets is completely ASBESTOS-FREE.  Reinforcement material is high quality PVA fiber fiber, manufactured and supplied by the reputable sources, a world famous manufacturer of chemical and synthetic fiber.

Modern production line and high automation level
Production of non asbestos corrugated roofing sheet

Non asbestos fiber cement sheet production line: complete view

Non asbestos fiber cement sheet production line: corrugation unit
Non asbestos fiber cement sheet production line: de-corrugation unit

Also visit our page: DURAGREEN (TM)

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