Worldwide projects:

Our DuraGreen (TM) non asbestos roofing system has been supplied to international market, distributor and projects world wide.


Our market spanning East, West and Central African countries, mostly corrugated profile sheet; our distributors are happy with products quality and market share is growing year by year. 

Distributor coming to factory for inspection at loading time
FC non asbestos roofing sheets for E.Africa market

South America:

Our non asbestos corrugated roofing sheet reached markets like Mexico, Panama, Peru and Columbia.

South Asia:

Our non asbestos roofing system reach out to market like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Reliance Industry Limited - Labor colony - Jamnagar refinery project

East Asia:

South Korea and Japan are also our existing markets for non asbestos roofing sheet and slate. 
Non asbestos roofing sheet: chemical factory in S.Korea project

Export consignment: Loading photos 

Loading photos 1: Non asbestos roofing sheets

Loading photos 2: Non asbestos roofing sheets

Loading photos 3: Non asbestos roofing sheets

Loading photos 4: Non asbestos roofing sheets
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